How You Can Print Using Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 1 How You Can Print Using Samsung Galaxy Tab

With the Samsung Galaxy tab you can use a wireless-capable printer drive and send a print command. You can read here on how you can print using Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There are several ways you can use your Samsung Galaxy photos, documents, presentations, and print.

1) Printing help with an app
If you look a corresponding tab on your app, such as PrinterShare iPrint & Scan, including installing, then printing easy, many printer manufacturers also offer a tuned equal to their device app, a smooth connection, thereby ensuring expression. So you can search the most suitable app for your printer.

Step 1:
Select app from the Market / the printer manufacturer to download and install it on the tab. In many cases, these apps are not for free to download and install. You have to pay for it.

Step 2:
Enabled your Wi-Fi mode, select the compatible app printer and after that connect.

Step 3:
Send the print command and wait for the printout.

2) Connect with a PC and print tab
You can also connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab with a PC and then print. Just follow to the following instructions:

Step 1:
To connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a PC, you need the included USB cable. Furthermore, the software Samsung gravel must be installed on the PC.

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Step 2:
Connect your computer and your tablet using the USB cable. Now select your tablet at the following menu: “Settings” and wireless networks “USB Settings” Samsung gravel .

Step 3:
Now you can transfer your data from the Galaxy Tab sync on your computer and print them accordingly.

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