How To Watch TV with Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Watch TV with Samsung Galaxy Tab How To Watch TV with Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a versatile tool which you can also watch TV. How can you watch TV with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and what you still need this, you will learn here.

TV using apps
The Android Market offers you a wide selection of apps that let you watch TV on your Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can find many TV channels where you can see the current program or even apps, where you can watch big-name entertainment and shows.

Here is a small selection:

Download the app you want, and you can already install them easily watch TV on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab connect to TV
With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can also join at any time to a compatible TV.

- Step 1: In order to be able to see the user interface of the tabs while on the TV screen, you should advance the field in the menu options ” settings ” Display Settings ” and TV output TV System button.
- Step 2: Choose a mating in image coding system. For Germany is PAL.
- Step 3: Now you can turn on your TV and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
- Step 4: Finally, you only need the tablet with the included TV-out cable to connect your TV. After connecting the TV to external input mode can be selected.

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