How-To Sync Samsung Galaxy Tab to Outlook

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Hands on Photo 5 How To Sync Samsung Galaxy Tab to Outlook

You only need your Samsung Galaxy Tab sync with Outlook to get same data from your outlook account on your Galaxy Tab. How does it work, you will learn here.

You can always sync your existing Outlook data (accounts, e-mail, calendar, etc.). Here is a brief introduction to do it.

Galaxy Tab sync with Outlook

Step 1: 
To synchronizing the data you will need to make  a connection between your PC and restore tab – Use this, either the USB cable or Bluetooth.

Step 2: 
Then, you will need a corresponding app from the Market and install it on your Samsung Galaxy tab. For example is MyPhoneExplorer app, which will be responsible for synchronization of the data.

>> The free app MyPhoneExplorer - The main program of MyPhoneExplorer you must then install on your PC.

Step 3: 
Run the software on the PC and the app on the tab and wait to connect. Then you need only start the synchronization.

Automatic synchronization
The Galaxy Tab provides an automatic synchronization function. For this step, you need only need to select the appropriate settings:

Background information: 
Automatic synchronization is performed in background without opening the data here.

Automatically sync: 
Setting the device within this option to automatically synchronize contact data, calendar data and email data.

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