How To Set Up Wireless For Samsung Galaxy Tab

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If you want the Samsung Galaxy Tab to surf the Internet, you need a wireless connection. Learn here how you can set up the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Wireless Setting How To Set Up Wireless For Samsung Galaxy Tab

To connect to the Samsung Galaxy Tab to a wireless network, you must first principle an access point (hotspot) in the immediate vicinity of the device to be reachable.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is for wireless Internet connections throughout Europe ideal!

Activate WLAN
- You can activate the WLAN via the menu: “Settings” and wireless networks, “Wireless Settings”

Then the tab automatically searches the existing site, the best connection.

An activated WLAN requires a lot of tab-capacity battery, which is why you should activate the WLAN only when needed.

Select Network
Under the menu select ‘network can be done after the network connection and an individual choice. The option “Connect the Samsung Galaxy Tab is then connected to exactly this selected network.

Alternatively, a network selection also be done by a manual input. Within the “wireless settings you have the menu item “Wi-Fi Add button.

Then asks the Menu key access, are available from the network operator, from (manual input) and by pressing the button ‘Save this manual is set up wireless connection is activated.

In the same way you can within the option “WPS button link also connect to a secured network.

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