How to Make Screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Hands on CES Photo 6 How to Make Screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Do a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy Tab is actually not that difficult. Learn how you can make screenshot without app here.

A screenshot is a screenshot, you can create Internet pages or other display images with your Samsung Galaxy Tab. For making such screenshot, you even not need an app. With the following instructions you can also manually take a screen.

How to Make A Screenshot with Samsung Galaxy Tab

Step 1) Open the page from which a screenshot is to be made.

Step 2) Holding down the Back button and simultaneously press the power button on the device.

Step 3) You will hear a shutter sound, similar to a camera shot. A clear sign that a screenshot has been carried out. Then it will appears in the device display a short info-text.

You can now look the screenshot in the image directory (Samsung Gallery).

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