How To Make Auto Text on Your Android Device (Android Guide)

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For your information, we can create unique character without need to type it manually. such as:

°º ° =))Hªªhªªhªªhªª ° °º  °~=) ) •• °wk .wk. wk° ••=) )~ °  (*·_ ·)??* ( ^ ^)Y ?Y (^^ ) « ßë ®ight ß @©K »

How To Make Auto Text on Your Android Device Android Guide How To Make Auto Text on Your Android Device (Android Guide)

Android users can also use auto text feature in their Android devices. You can follow below step to create auto text on Android:

Step 1 :  To create auto text on android you need an application. This application’s name is Smart Keyboard Pro.
You can download it via Google Play .[Google Play]

Step 2 : Next, you need auto text collection in file format ‘’ which can be downloaded at this link.

Step 3 : Install Smart Keyboard Pro and then move ‘’ file to folder ‘smartkeyboardpro’ in SD Card.

Step 4 : go to Settings >> Language & Keyboard >> Smart Keyboard Pro

Step 5 : go to Smart Keyboard Settings >> Backup Setting >> Restore from SDCARD

Step 6 : Search Text Prediction, set to be like this:
Auto-capitalization: on
Quick fix: off (to doesn’t automatically replaced when typing)
Show suggestion: on
Autocomplete: off
Swap punctuation : off
Space after picking : off
Contact Dictionary : on/off (optional, if you want suggestion take from contact name in phone)
Always suggest: on (to appear what suggestion when typing something)

Step 7 : To ad Auto text, do following steps:

  • search Custom Auto text
  • then tap ‘Add Auto text’
  • column 1 for word that will show Android auto text such as “haha” later will appear to be: °º ° =))Hªªhªªhªªhªª ° °º
  • column 2 for Android auto text

Open file that has been downloaded by you, there are you can add so many auto text.

Step 8: After all done, return to ‘Backup’ settings menu again to create new auto text ‘backup’ which was added before. The first backup file will be overwritten by new backup you just made it.

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