How To Connect a Laptop to Internet Via iPhone

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Especially if you are traveling somewhere, sometimes you need a laptop to online. But if no WLAN available, you can not online right?But, you can online now with your iPhone. Find out how you can go with the laptop to the Internet via the iPhone.

How To Connect a Laptop to Internet Via iPhone How To Connect a Laptop to Internet Via iPhone

If you want to go online with your laptop via iPhone, you have the advantage that you can surf the Internet with a larger screen. Since both devices are also mithinnehmbar everywhere, you will also consist of the local independence.

Option 1 with an app from the CydiaStore
If your iPhone is jailbreak ( see Wikipedia ), you have the app TetherMe, which is CydiaStore available, go to the option of using the laptop to the Internet via the iPhone.

Option 2 with a data connection
For those who think of this method, the only thing you need here, is:

“The current firmware iOS 4.3. Here for free download .


# Step 1: After the firmware is installed on the iPhone, make a connection between your iPhone and your laptop forth. This is either via Wi-Fi connection or the USB cable

# Step 2: Go to your iPhone “settings and select “Personal Hotspot .

# Step 3: Now select your desired type of connection.

# Step 4: When connecting via WiFi you now see a password, which you should write down or remember. Leave the settings of the iPhone does not.

# Step 5: The iPhone is now ready. Now it remains to unlock the laptop. You are looking for hotspot with your laptop from your iPhone.

# Step 6: If your iPhone is now displayed in the list, you open it.

# Step 7: Now you must enter the password that was displayed on your iPhone.

# Step 8: Then is the laptop via the iPhone’s internet ready to go.

# Tip: Leave laptop and iPhone always in close proximity to the rather slow surfing speed is maintained at least.

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