How To Configure POP3 Email On Android (Android Guide)

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Android, as you might anticipate from a Google product, lets you rapidly and effortlessly sync to an existing Gmail account. Whilst this is fantastic if you make use of Gmail as your primary email account, it is not so great if you utilize a POP3 email account (although you can easily make Gmail pull messages from your additional POP3 accounts if you like). This manual will definitely show you exactly how to establish POP3 email accounts on your Android device.

configure pop3 email on android How To Configure POP3 Email On Android (Android Guide)Open the Email Application
Android possesses a stock email application currently featured. This can easily be located in the All Apps menu. Open the application and select Additional from the listing. The additional selection is Exchange ActiveSync, which you can easily overlook for now.

Configure Mail Servers
Get in the key email address and security password for the POP3 account you desire to make use of. Click Next and let the application attempt to configure the mail servers immediately. With any luck this will definitely work and you will not should utilize the Reference book Setup button.

Manual Setup
If the auto configure fails, touch the Handbook Setup button and get in the email and security password for the POP3 account in the boxes supplied. You should not have to alter the safety kind or the interface configurations at this point. Click Next and your email account ought to be up and running.

Configure Email Settings
Press the Menu button whilst in the email customer application and pick Configurations. Right here you can easily alter Account Settings, pick fonts and trademarks and configure the Receive Settings. Get Configurations feature the regularity which your customer checks for brand-new e-mails in addition to the dimension limitation.

You can easily select if and just how you are alerted of brand-new e-mails. If you turn notices on, a brand-new mail image will certainly appear in your notices bar when you have brand-new mail. You can easily even decide to include a notice sound and vibration so you never ever fail to see those necessary messages.

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