How-To Clear Your iPhone History

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The search history on your iPhone can easily be a remarkably helpful feature if you are attempting to keep in mind a site you’ve visited just recently, and for several individuals there is no explanation to ever before clear it. Nevertheless, there are many explanations why you may wish to clear the search history on you iPhone the way to do it is not completely obvious.

Clear You iPhone Browser History How To Clear Your iPhone HistoryStep 1 : Open the main Settings Menu and select the Safari option. Safari is the default iPhone browser.

Step 2 : On the Safari Settings Menu, choose Search Engine and select a different one from the list. This isn’t a permanent change, so don’t panic.

Step 3 : Scroll down to the bottom of the Safari menu and you will see three buttons: Clear History, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache.

Step 4 : Tap each of the buttons in turn and confirm the delete each time. Deleting the History will actually often be enough, but for total privacy clear all of them.

Step 5 : Scroll back up to the top of the Safari Menu and change the search engine back to whatever it was previously.

and finally, your browsing history is now safe for anyone’s eyes…

If you want to keep your future browsing habits secret, you can turn on Private Browsing in the Safari Settings.

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