Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

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Cherry Mobile just launched another device that is both powerful and affordable- Cherry Mobile Omega HD. The Omega HD is an improved and upgraded version of CM Omega. And thanks to Cherry Mobile for providing another quality smartphone with a price tag of only Php 8,000.

The recent wave in Android phones has spurred customers everywhere to be vigilant and eagle-eyed when it comes to the specs of the devices they are buying. The same when purchasing computers, people always want to get the best hardware for what their pockets can afford. And the CM Omega HD is definitely one smartphone sequel that has been done right. This smartphone sounds really interesting, right? Having a little review of what this smartphone can offer wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it is always nice to discover new things especially that it has a lot to boast.

What Should You Expect From CM Omega HD?

Build Quality and Design

Build Quality and Design Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

The Omega HD looks like the newest flagship of Samsung- Galaxy S4. It has a thin bezel, 5.0” screen, chrome bumper, and earpiece design. However, it is not a clone, it just contains all the basic elements. It has a clean finish and design while being minimalist and modern. It has the right amount of spacing between its functional elements. The Omega HD is classy and trim, not dull nor barren. The curves are just right and they are at the right place to avoid that “executive” look. The bottom line, its design works and caters to the majority of users.


Display Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

CM Omega HD has a 720p screen. It has a one-glass solution wherein its touch screen is integrated into the cover lens. It results to the visuals which are sharp and detailed. Colors accurately appear and a decent sunlight legibility. For a bit clumsy users, they would be glad to know that the Omega HD’s 5-inch IPS display Dragontail. This means that it is splash and scratch proof.


camera Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

The cameras of CM Omega HD use the 12- megapixel backside-illumination technology (BSI), making it capable of taking pictures in a good amount of light. Videos and photos which are taken using them appear detailed. Its camera app also has a shutter button. That’s not all, the user can choose from the wide array of shooting options like Time lapse and Panorama modes. Furthermore, its auto-focus performance is fast and only about a second is needed for it to focus fully.

Battery Life

battery life Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

Omega HD is powered by a 2,100mAh battery. Though its big, it can’t stay alive for a full day, having a single charge and moderate usage. As the result of the rundown test for the battery, its handset only lasted for 4 hours and 32 minutes. It’s 5-inch HD screen might be the culprit though since it consumes much power.


phone performance Cherry Mobile Omega HD: A New Wave of Android Phone

CM Omega HD and Omega basically have the same specs. They are both powered by MediTek MT 6577 chipset. Both of them are also built with a dual-core processor clocked at 1GHz. For their RAM, they both have 1GB and PowerVR SGX531 graphics. The Android Jelly Bean runs them both.

CM Omega HD is indeed a competitive one in line of Phablet category, from its design to its internal processors that were all exceptional and superb, not to mention its affordable price. In short, it’s one worthy device to purchase with its latest specs to give users an experience in its full blast!

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